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Big Hookah Tong


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The Big Hookah Tong hookah pipe comes direct from Egypt and embodies all the unique lineaments found in the KM brand of hand made hookahs. The Big Hookah Tong features the traditional tri-metal finish with Egyptian-style etchings adorning the length of the shaft.

This item: Big Hookah Tong
Product Description

hookah tongs are not only stylish and great looking, but they also function better than most hookah tongs out there. The angled handle and tapered design make handling easy and convenient. They are 7 inches in length and have a sharpened 6-inch spike to poke holes in  the foil. These are well-made high quality tongs, made with durable steel.

Additional Information
Weight 0.032 kg
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 in

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